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I liked cutting things!

the game won't work?? i've downloaded the game (i'm using a windows device) and when i try to open it it take me to the starting screen of the game, but none of the buttons work. o press the start button nothing happens,i do the same with the other two buttons and nothing happens. i want to try out the game but i don't knwo what to do about this issue :(


Hello lad, the controls are arrow keys, Z to accept and X to cancel. If these are not working try replugging all USB devices. 


There's so much to love about this game I don't even know where to start!

OK, let's try... the animation and character design is amazing, I love the way everything looks!

The battle system isn't something new but the way this one has been done makes it feel fresh and exciting, and the different option available during fights makes the experience even more immersive!

The story is goofalicious, and everyone is so adorable (even if they all trying to stab and / or shoot each other), and I'm pretty much itching to get stuck right into some more of this game because I am hooked!

So I certainly hope there'll be more of this game, and I will definitely be around to play it =) keep up the awesome work!


it's actually a great name, sad that this isn't a full one. I like the vibrant characters and wacky story. and gameplay is fun. but I cant defeat violet and it pisses me off, I tried so much!!!!

Thank you so much for playing. It was originally made for the IGMC but we couldnt make the deadline due to a silly bug we couldnt fix in the 30 seconds we had left. Hopefully we'll be able to give this game the time and dedication it deserves to make it a full experience in a better engine.